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I recently introduced myself to Zen G+ community, in the form of my Satori Poem written in the early 1990's while serving with the US Navy Chaplain Corps in Japan.  When I was asked to explain the poem, I realized I'd never explained it to anyone before.  I also thought I'd rather make a blog entry to refer to later than to retype the information if anyone else might ask about it in the future.

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Last Month I was invited to become a regularly contributing author for BrainSpeak Magazine.  I wanted to wait until the first article was actually published before making the announcement.  So without further ado, the first article.







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A common misconception is that you need to meditate to understand what people experience while meditating.  From a strictly altered state of consciousness that is correct, but meditation is not so much about what students experience, as it is about what they can learn through that experience.  The really exciting thing, though, is that I've also observed people who have never meditated before directly applying insights I've shared to their own lives. Now I want to see if I can take what meditators have learned over the ages and help my students directly apply it.

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Give me the Camera. Suwattano having a chat with a CyberTemple student.Let me start this blog post with an apology for the general silence and the absent newsletter of late.  I've been working to create an advanced meditation support system that will allow me to give everyone personalized meditation instruction, regardless of distance! 

While I hashed out the system, there were a number of things that the software had to do if I was going to make this happen:

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I was a Buddhist Monk in Thailand in the early 1990s. Being from the U.S. I was known as Phrat Farung, or “the foreign monk”.  My teacher loved to tell the locals stories of my strange behaviors. One story in particular was his favorite. In fact, villagers who came to visit would often ask to hear the story again.  Sometimes they would bring someone new along, as if it were a night out at the local comedy club.

The story revolves around an early walking meditation lesson.

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This article is for anyone who may be thinking about taking a meditation class, but are concerned about trying to sit cross legged on the floor for any length of time, or terrified at the thought

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Yesterday's class, the last day of the Applied Awareness mindfulness meditation class at MCC,  included a student sign language interpreter from the Mott Interpreter Training Program, her men

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We have all experienced a change of weather that invigorates us.  It can be in nearly any form, from rainy to sunny, from sunny to rainy, hot to cold, cold to hot, in the form of snow, or even a storm with rain and hail.  Although usually less dramatic, a change in weather can emotionally move us from feeling helpless, to feeling hopeful, from feeling exhausted, to feeling refreshed and energetic.  But how does it happen?  Why do we often times feel better, even though the weather could be considered not as nice?

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What is Mindfulness?  Beyond simply saying that it's a type of meditation, what is it?  Some who have been practicing for years might tell you it's about being aware, ot

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Earlier this week on Facebook I mentioned master Bankei was my favorite all time Zen master, and challenged people to